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How to Create an At-Home Spa

The atmosphere sends you right into a state of bliss. You smell the essential oils diffusing while a masseuse works on your tired shoulders. You’re getting your favorite color painted all over your pretty toes. However, not all of us have the time or resources to have a whole day at the spa.

As an alternative, why not create an at-home spa? That way, you can give yourself some TLC, all from the comfort of your home. Grab your soothing eye mask and get all of the latest clean beauty products to treat yourself. Here are some easy-to-follow tips on how to create an at-home spa experience you’ll love.

Home Spa

1. Invest in Comfortable Accessories and Clothing

First of all, you want to make sure that you’re comfortable when you’re enjoying your at-home spa day. Don’t wear clothing that’s tight or restrictive. If you enjoy having your hair up, get a fun velvet scrunchie or a silk wrap for your hair. Ready to let your hair down after a long day? Brush your hair out and consider using a hair mask or a deep conditioner to give your hair some serious TLC. After you have your spa day and are ready to step back into the world, don’t put just any generic makeup on your face. If you aren’t already, consider using vegan makeup that’s cruelty-free and clean. This kind of makeup is kinder on our faces, especially if you have sensitive skin, and they’re better for our animal friends and the rest of the planet.

2. Make Yourself a Cup of Tea

Fill up your kettle and bring that water to a boil. It’s time to make yourself a nice cup of steamy, hot tea. You’ll love a soothing flavor without any caffeine. It’ll help impart a sense of calm. Go for relaxing blends made of peppermint or ginger. Slip into your favorite robe with a mug of your favorite relaxing tea, and you’ll be ready for your spa day.

Home Spa

3. Sip on Cucumber Water

Prefer something more hydrating than a steamy cup of tea? Try cucumber water instead. It’s a spa favorite for a reason. It’s pretty easy to make cucumber water. All you need to do is add some cucumber slices to your water. If you prefer a spiked version of your cucumber water, go for a cucumber vodka soda. Check out different recipes online to see which suits you best, but most recipes call for fresh cucumber juice, seltzer water, and, of course, vodka.

4. Light a Candle or Diffuse Essential Oils

Set the mood by lighting a candle. Dim the lights down. Light a candle or two. Put on your favorite playlist. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a luxury spa. If you’d rather diffuse essential oils than light a candle, you can do that, too. Alternatively, try a soothing scent spray.

5. Get Vegan and Clean Beauty Products

If you aren’t already using vegan beauty products, now is a great time to start. Get into the groove of your spa day and invest in some vegan and clean beauty products to make your spa day fabulous and better for the environment. According to the New York Times, it’s easier than ever to get vegan products. Unlike years and years ago, when vegan beauty products were a rarity online, you’ll find a bunch of great vegan beauty products on the internet. From body oils to bath salts, you’re sure to find anything and everything vegan for your at home spa.

6. Try a Leg Mask

If it seems like there’s a mask for just about every body part nowadays, you’re right. If you’re going to shave your legs, try a leg mask between shaves or waxes. A leg mask can be used in between hair removal sessions to smooth and hydrate your legs. Just like exfoliating your face and using face masks is important for your face, you can imagine how important it is for all your other parts, especially those beautiful legs of yours.

Home Spa

7. Go for a Full-Body Mask

Enjoy a full-body mask from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Try a full-body mud mask. The ingredients are quite indulgent, so they’re definitely meant for that special at-home spa day. Full-body masks can help replenish nutrients and minerals while also detoxifying your skin.

8. Give Yourself a Facial

You may wash your face every day. You probably even exfoliate a few times a week. The question is, how often are you getting a facial? If you aren’t putting on a quick ten-minute face mask a few times a week or getting a proper spa facial once a month, consider giving yourself a facial at your new at-home spa. Use vegan skin care products to get facial masks, cleaners, and moisturizers for your skin that are gentle on you and the planet.

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