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How To Find the Best Cap Construction for Your Wig

When buying women’s wigs, perhaps the first step to finding the right option is to check the cap construction. To find the perfect wig cap construction for you, you need to check three sections, the front, top, and back. Further mentioned in this blog are some of the various cap constructions and their features.


  • Closed Front:

These get designed with a feature known as ‘Under Ventilation.’ That basically means that the front of the cap integrates with your natural hair. Closed front wigs are great for wearing a side fringe or bangs.

  • Lace Front:

Lace front human hair wigs come with a piece of ventilated lace that goes across the forehead, creating a seamless hairline. This process gets done by tying 1 to 3 hair pieces together. It is translucent, which makes it easier to blend with your natural skin as well.


  • French Top:

This comes with two layers, one of lace and another of a monofilament, hiding all knots between these layers. The layers are relatively comfortable and give a natural look. However, this might be more expensive.

  • Monofilament Top:

This uses a thinner and smoother monofilament creating the illusion of the scalp. The hair is ventilated, making styling it more flexible. The knots, however, can be seen on the top.

  • Lace Top:

Here, the knots are tied directly to the lace, which makes them visible. However, the hair can be easily styled and offers more volume.


  • Knotted:

The hair has more movement since each strand gets individually tied to the spandex cap. These are lightweight and easy to style, clean, and come.

  • Machine Weft Back:

The hair gets sewn on tracks and then on the back of a spandex cap. Although these are sturdier, they might feel heavy on the head. Hairstyles with these are also quite limited.


The wig cap may be the first step for you, but there are many other things to consider when purchasing wigs for women. You need to make sure it’s the right size so that it not only fits your head and is comfortable, but maintains a natural-looking appearance.

There’s also the hair color and quality. Human hair is more preferred than synthetic hair as it is more natural-looking and realistic while you should always opt for a color similar to your natural hair.

For more tips, you can refer to the video below so you can avoid mistakes many wig beginners make when making their purchase of a hairpiece:

6 Common Mistakes Wig Beginners Make

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