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Skin Care: What are the 5 Basic of Skin Care?

Skin care is a huge industry with many products on the market, but it can be difficult to know what’s best for your skin. With constant changes in technology and research, consumers are finding that they have more options than ever before – but not all of these options are created equal. In this article, we’ll outline the 5 key ingredients of the skin care world and what their roles are.


Skin care is a process that involves taking care of the skin for the best health. It is necessary to take preventive measures to protect and maintain the skin’s integrity long-term. In fact, maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise and limiting exposure to pollutants from the environment are also important factors in changing skin conditions.

Types of Skin Care

Skin care is a personal thing, everyone has their own preferences and needs. People want to look good but they also want to feel good. They believe that skin care products can do the trick. There are many types of skin care from moisturizing creams to different types of masks depending on your skin type. Some people prefer a facial scrub before going to bed while others use cleansers in the morning.

Moisturizing Skin Care:

Moisturizing your skin is important for the health of your skin. Moisturizing gets rid of dry, itchy and flaky skin which is caused by dryness or lack of oil on your body as a result of being indoors or in cold environments. There are five basic steps to moisturizing.

Exfoliating Skin Care

Skin care has changed drastically over the years- we now have countless options. But not all skin care is created equal. In order to create clear, soft skin, you need a basic understanding of what’s traditionally considered “good” skin care.

Sun Protection:

The most important of the basic in skin care is sun protection. We need to protect our skin from harmful UV rays and premature aging. There are a wide range of products available, from sunscreen lotion to ceramic filters that can be used on windows. For those who spend more time outdoors and feel they are at risk for skin cancer, there are sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to reflect radiation rather than absorb it, thus reducing your risk for melanoma.


In conclusion, you need to wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser. You should also apply an appropriate moisturizer before you go out into the sun. Finally, you should use SPF 15 or higher on your face every day.

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