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Ways to Enhance Your Facial Features

Women are at the epicenter of the beauty world. They are bombarded with images of “perfect” faces and bodies, leaving them in a state of desire.

While some women embrace their natural beauty and ‘flaunt’ it with their skillful makeup application, others go to great lengths to enhance their facial features to ‘fix’ what they perceive to be flawed.

The good news is that cosmetic procedures have advanced to a level where achieving Miranda Kerr’s cheeks and Angelina Jolie’s jawline is no longer a pipe dream. And, even better news – it’s more accessible than ever before.

You can enhance your facial features in several ways, from surgical procedures to at-home treatments. Let’s understand some of the most popular options:

Laser Hair Removal

Does that pesky upper lip hair have you feeling conscious? Or are you tired of constantly having to tweeze your brows? If so, laser hair removal is your magical solution.

Laser hair removal attacks the pigment in your hair follicles with light pulses. It damages the follicle, preventing future hair growth.

It’s a popular choice for those looking to get rid of unwanted facial hair because it’s relatively painless, quick, and long-lasting.

Are you looking for more dramatic results? Laser hair removal can also thin out brows or remove hair from the sides of the face to create a more oval-shaped appearance.

The results heavily depend on the type of laser used, so consult a professional before booking your appointment.

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Ah, Botox. The mother of all injectables and a household name at this point. Botox is popular for those looking to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, from laugh lines and crow’s feet to forehead creases. What’s more, it can also restrict muscle movement to prevent new wrinkles from forming.

Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles in your face, which prevents them from contracting. Since the wrinkles and lines are smoothed, you’re left with a more youthful appearance.

Botox can last up to six months, although results vary from person to person.

It’s important to note that Botox should only be administered by a licensed professional, as there is a risk of complications if it’s not done correctly.

Brow Lift

Have you ever wished you could wake up with Cara Delevingne’s brows? Well, a brow lift might be the answer to your prayers.

A brow lift procedure involves making an incision along the hairline and lifting the skin, muscles, and tissue.

Brow lifts can be done as standalone procedures or in conjunction with other facial surgeries, such as a facelift.

Nose Reshaping

Also known as rhinoplasty, nose reshaping is a surgical procedure that works on your nose’s shape or size. You can do it for both cosmetic and functional purposes.

If your nose is asymmetrical or has a crooked bump, then nose reshaping can help you achieve your desired look.

For people who avoid going under the knife, there are also non-surgical nose jobs that use injectables to change the shape of the nose. For example, dermal filler face injections can add volume, while botulinum toxin can smooth out bumps.


Who doesn’t love a sharp jawline? But unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with naturally chiseled features. Liposuction might be the answer if you want to achieve a more defined jawline.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that’s used to remove excess fat from specific areas of the body. Your aesthetician will make small incisions in the skin and insert a thin tube to suction out the fat. Liposuction can also help to sculpt the jawline by removing unwanted fat deposits from under the chin and around the neck.

Fortunately, liposuction is a permanent solution, so you won’t have to get regular touch-ups. Instead, just focus on maintaining your weight.

Reduce Facial Scars

Does going bare-faced make you break out in a cold sweat? If you’re self-conscious about your facial scars, there are a few things you can do to reduce their appearance.

Facial scars can be caused by various things, from acne and surgery to accidents and burns. And while they’re not harmful to your health, they can impact your self-esteem.

The good news is that treatments like laser therapy, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels can help to reduce the appearance of scars. These treatments work by exfoliating the skin and stimulating collagen production.

If you have deeper scars, you might also want to consider getting fillers or fat graft injections. These can help to plump up the skin and smooth out depressions.

Get a Lip Plump

Color and volume can diminish, leaving you with a less-than-perfect pout.

If you want to go the natural route, you can do a few things to plump up your lips.

  • Ensure you’re exfoliating regularly. It will remove dead skin cells and make your lips look fuller.
  • Hydrate your lips with a good lip balm. It will help to prevent dryness and keep your lips looking plump. For an extra boost, try using a lip serum or oil.
  • Use makeup to create the illusion of fuller lips.

Of course, you’ll have to reapply throughout the day, but it’s a painless way to achieve fuller lips.

Suppose you’re looking for something more permanent. In that case, hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm and Restylane can help to plump up your lips. These fillers are injected into the lips and can last six months to a year.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re unhappy with a certain aspect of your appearance, there are ways to change it. Feeling comfortable in your skin shouldn’t feel forced. However, it would be best if you did so for the right reasons. If you’re considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure, ask yourself why. Are you doing it for yourself, or do you want to please someone else? Think about the risks involved and what the outcome will be. Will you be happy with the results?

Most importantly, don’t put your health at risk. Do your research and only work with a certified professional. We hope you discover the inner and outer beauty you deserve.

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